Zaruby Resort has all you need to feel free and relaxed. Disconnect your phone and re-connect with the people around you. Whether you do this by: playing sports, doing team-building activities, cooking on an open fire, chilling in our pool or meditating under a tree, it is all there right under your nose and you don’t need to bring anything yourself. All necessary equipment is provided for. We even have a wardrobe full of funny costumes for when you feel really free and relaxed 🙂


  • Capacity of 96 beds. Open all-year round
  • 2 common rooms (each room up to 25 people)
  • Professional kitchen
  • Dining room for 100 people (can also be used as conference room)
  • nearby meadows 
  • Football/Volleyball court (also ideal for putting up a huge wedding tent )


  • 48.501322,17.394851